Team coaching

When a group of people work well together they are much more than the sum of the parts, in many ways, including the outcomes achieved, the clarity of purpose & of each persons role, the energy, and the learning experience. Often in the workplace the reward and recognition structure focuses on individual performance, so that the effectiveness of a team may not receive the time, thinking and support that is really important to success for an organization.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts which means that when a group is working well the synergy is a positive experience – for a Project Team, Departmental or Cross Departmental Team team, Management Team or Board of Directors.

What’s important to you about team working? It could be one or more of these, and others you can think about too:

  • Enhanced Leadership skills to lead a team.
  • Improved thinking and behaviours in a dysfunctional or under performing team.
  • Continuous team development.
  • Resolving conflict.
  • Improved communication & relationships.
  • Addressing Mission drift and refreshing the Vision.
  • Strategic planning.
  • Structuring and Facilitating team away days.
  • Building a high performing team.
  • Overcoming barriers to success including limiting beliefs.
  • Team profiling (including through 360, MBTI or Spiral Dynamics).

NLP provides a methodology and a set of techniques that offers practical and powerful processes and practices for creating a vibrant functioning group or team.

Each team coaching workshop is tailored to meet the needs and outcomes of individual clients. Contact us please to explore how we may work with your team.