Personal Breakthrough Session

“What I’m looking for is not out there, it is in me”. ~ Helen Keller

A Personal Breakthrough session is a rapid way to achieve significant changes in your personal development, using Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

It’s a quick way to achieve compelling, meaningful change in yourself that maybe you’ve been putting off until now?

It will help

  1. Identify the root cause of the barriers that hold you back
  2. Guide you to develop strategies to eliminate limiting beliefs.
  3. Enable you to take ownership of your life and aspirations
  4. Help remove old emotions associated with failures and negativity.
  5. Realign your values, beliefs, assumptions, possibilities and practices.
  6. Develop effective and comprehensive steps that bring about change and increase your energy levels.

What is the process?

wheel_Of_LifeThe programme is custom-made & designed for and by each individual, to identify obstacles they face in achieving breakthrough in their personal or corporate lives. The course will equip participants with the essential tools to overcome obstacles and become more successful congruent in how they live their lives. It is a one-day session of between approximately 6 – 8 hours.

The Breakthrough Session follows a proven, successful process with flexibility built-in, so that each person’s specific challenges, experiences and goals are most effectively reached. Prior to the session you will be asked to complete and return a detailed personal history that we will explore this during the first half of the session. Next you will be guided through a number of processes, so you will experience transformational change within hours. You will complete the day by learning how to design and set amazing goals that are achievable, what you really want and the steps to action.

  • Identify the “Real” Problem: Use perceptual positions and other techniques to assist you to uncover what and where the real issue is, and the process of creating other possibilities.
  • Set the Outcome: Learn how to set compelling outcomes, to guarantee the breakthrough is achieved
    Eliminate Negative Emotions: Identify and remove unwanted emotions that hamper progress and development.
  • Remove Limiting Beliefs: Challenge old beliefs, especially limiting beliefs from past experiences that stop you from pursuing your desired outcomes.
  • Integrate Parts and Values: Uncover deeply rooted causes and values and reintegrate them to support a lasting breakthrough.
  • Design Your Personal Breakthrough Session: Use NLP techniques to create rapid change in a powerfully effective breakthrough session.
  • Maintain your Excellence: Develop anchoring techniques that in an instant generate resourceful states for you.
  • Future Pace Your Success: Learn and design strategies that ensure continuous movement towards the desired results.

Who is it for and why invest in yourself with a Breakthrough Session?

It’s possible that you are already successful in many areas of your life, and there may be other areas where you are not as successful as you’d like to be, yet. A breakthrough session could be for you if you’ve ever caught yourself maybe feeling, thinking or saying stuff such as:

  • You’re just not good enough.
  • It’s hard to break old habits that hold you back.
  • You’re overwhelmed and can’t see beyond things.
  • Your work is stressful and you cannot cope.
  • You know there’s more to life, but for now you’re unable to be who you want to be, what you want to do or have what you want to have in life.

You already know that you are more than your current behaviours or situation, don’t you? It’s possible that the question you could ask yourself is, “When now is a good time to stop, make a decision to let go of what has been holding me back and get what I really want in life!”

Personal Breakthrough Sessions have enabled people to achieve in many areas, including:

  • Boost confidence, performance at work, motivation.
  • Self-management, time-management, decision-making, relationships.
  • Releasing negative emotions that harm the body and health.
  • Setting SMART goals in placing them into your future to create that compelling, achievable future.

kingNLP-Logo-blueIMG_1914If you are interested in a Personal Breakthrough Session please      contact us