NLP Practitioner Home Study Programme

The Audio Programme contains 14 CD’s and the 295 page Training Reference Manual

This product contains the complete NLP Practitioner programme on audio CDs. It covers the principles, techniques, models, the processes; what to use, when and how. It is accompanied by a comprehensive Training Manual.

Why the NLP Practitioner Home Study Audio Programme?

The Home Study Programme gives you flexibility to listen to the CD’s and refer to the manual when and wherever you choose.

What will I learn from the NLP Practitioner Home Study Audio Programme?


  1. The foundation principles and techniques
    • Communication: understanding how we process information, how it affects our behaviours and results. (The NLP Communication Model)
    • The Mindset for Success and Excellence: how to use useful assumptions and 6 principles to achieve consistently excellent results (NLP Presuppositions, The Principles for Success)
    • Observational skills: How and what to notice, moment to moment, to assist you in your communication with others (Sensory Acuity)
    • Rapport: How to build trust and elegantly communicate with people (Rapport)
    • Communication styles: Listen out for key words and phrases that provide you with information on how to refine your interactions with others (Representational Systems and Predicates)
    • Steps to achievable goals: Walk through the process that will provide clarity, balance and realistic goal-setting that is consistently used by successful people (Well-formed goals/outcomes)
    • Different perspectives: Improve your understanding of other people, think more flexibly and creatively, stand back and consider issues dispassionately. (Perceptual Positions)
    • An instant “ON” switch to change state: Boost motivation, energy, confidence, or any other powerful state of being. (Resource Anchor)
  2. Knowledge of yourself and others
      • How to direct and control your mind, by understanding how you brain works (Introduction to Submodalities)
      • Small words that makes a big difference: how “ifs”, “buts”, “yet” and “and” can subtly shift how your message is received
      • Switch on your radar to hearing what people really say (Introduction to Linguistic Presuppositions)
      • Communicating at different levels: Get the big picture, the fine detail and laterally (Chunking and The Hierarchy of Ideas)
      • Change a negative event or experience into a positive: The meaning we give to experiences is determined to a large degree by the frame in which we perceive it. When the frame changes so does the meaning, and our response to it – the way we feel and how we act. (Framing and Re-framing)
      • Eliciting people’s hot buttons: Values drive behaviours. They provide the primary motivating force behind our actions and therefore have a massive impact on our outcomes. They motivate us to do what we do. (Values)
      • Becoming an even better leader (or manager, coach, parent), and becoming more clear about, and true to, who you really are (Neuro-logical Levels)
      • How to use what you’ve learned for the best after the course
  3. Further NLP Practitioner techniques and language patterns
    • Changing unwanted beliefs (Submodalities)
    • Ways to change unwanted behaviours and responses (Submodalities, Collapse Anchors, Swish patterns)
    • Using language elegantly and with discernment to communicate more effectively (Linguistic Presuppositions)
    • How to get to the core of the issue, by asking questions that allow the listener to uncover more information. (Meta Model)
    • Using artfully vague language to create agreement (Milton Model)
    • Telling stories, and using analogies to overcome resistance and communicate to someone’s unconscious mind (Metaphors)
    • Understanding how people get their results and make decisions (Strategies)
    • Replacing un-resourceful strategies with more useful ones
    • Rapidly eliminate deep-rooted limiting beliefs (such as ‘I’m not good enough’) which have stopped you moving forward (Time Line)
    • Integrate internal conflicting parts so that you can move forward with congruence and realize your true potential (Parts Integration)
    • Dispel repressed negative emotions (such as sadness, fear, guilt) that have led to unhelpful behaviours (Time Line interventions, two methods)
    • Walk your time line to create your future
    • Ethics for being a professional NLP Practitioner
    • Thoughts for your future

What if I do the NLP Practitioner Home Study Audio Programme?

Buy the NLP Practitioner Home Study Audio Programme and learn how to use NLP in any area of your life. We have two bonus offers for you.

It’s our intention that you make the most of this CD set and training manual, so as a bonus, once you buy please feel free to contact us within 7 days to arrange your free one-hour coaching session so that you can set a frame around your learning and set a direction for what you want from this programme.

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