NLP Non-Profit Practitioner

kingNLP-Logo-blueIMG_1914Douglas King has 20 year’s experience assisting charities to raise millions of pounds annually. He has a solid understanding of the culture, structure, processes and drivers that many charities use to operate successfully.

We run in-house courses for not-for-profits and a Certified Practitioner Training Course also. Organisations that think that they may benefit from learning more about how NLP could make a positive difference to how they perform, please contact us with your enquiry.

Why attend the Certified NLP Practitioner Training for Not-for-Profits?

Charities and social firms range in size from local grass roots community groups, to those with a regional presence or national coverage.

The fundamental values and drivers of such enterprises may differ in some important ways from for-profit entities. Yet common threads that may run through all are the importance of people in making things happen, for now, and also in shaping what could happen in the future.

Increasing competition for finite financial resources, the need to communicate with more transparency and effectiveness to stakeholders and the need to provide services more effectively and efficiently, to service users, are just some of the reasons how NLP can demonstrate its value.

There are a wide range of models & techniques that NLP offers as a set of tools that can be used to facilitate powerful, quick and long lasting change in both organisations & individuals.

  1. What outcomes will I benefit from by attending?
    • Managing meetings effectively
    • Managing difficult people and situations
    • How to build rapport and be more successful in negotiations
    • Improved communications with internal and external stakeholders
    • Management and Leadership tools to create a shared “vision”
    • A process for creating new services based on client needs
    • Techniques for building confidence
    • Achieving operational goals
    • Team-building
    • Understand what motivates individual staff, volunteers, funders
    • Managing, coaching and motivating staff
    • Re-aligning values within individuals, teams and across an organisation
    • Building better engagement with funders
    • Clarity of purpose and achievable, compelling goal setting
    • Increase fundraising income
    • Reduce stress, remove limiting beliefs and empower individuals
    • Learn how to provide Powerful Feedback to empower staff and volunteers
    • Become an even more effective listener and communicator
    • Recruitment and selection processes
    • Presentations
 & Public Speaking

The Training Course follows the structure and content of the Certified NLP Practitioner Training, with an emphasis on case studies and experiences relevant to the sector.