NLP Master Practitioner

kingNLP-Logo-blueIMG_1914Why become a Master Practitioner of NLP by attending this course?

You are

  • Already a Certified NLP Practitioner and would like to take your existing skills to a new level
  • Curious to learn a vast amount of invaluable new material
  • Intent on learning how to do NLP work even more fluently and with greater ease
  • Ready to gain a deeper understanding of how and why it works so effectively for you and others
  • Ready now for an amazing personal breakthrough session, enabling you to clear limitations that may have previously stopped you from getting the results you want. (The personal breakthrough session alone is worth more than the cost of the course.)
  • Very interested in learning how to provide the breakthrough experience for others

Course Content

  1. Quantum Linguistics
    • How to change minds with language patterns
    • Sleight of Mouth Patterns – reframe beliefs quickly and elegantly
    • Conversationally overcome limiting beliefs
    • Meta Model III to use time to make problems fade away
  2. Values & Meta Programmes
    • Learn to detect key drivers of personality
    • Values are what are important to us and as unconscious filters drive our behaviours.
    • You will learn how to elicit values and change them to more congruent ones
    • Discover how to remove Values conflicts
    • We use Metaprograms as unconscious filters of perception to process information and to structure our reality.
    • Learn how to elicit Meta Programmes in a conversation, and to predict behaviour and so leverage influence!
    • Learn how to assist someone to congruently change Meta Programmes and Values
  3. Advanced Submodalities
    • The software code for Managing Your Mind
    • Using the brain’s own language for make long-term change
    • Fine tune your Submodalities skills – create designer Swish Patterns
  4. Advanced Strategies
    • Learn the Logical Levels of Therapy process to change undesirable strategies
    • Learn how to elicit and utilise strategies
    • Discover how to change, design and install strategies
  5. Advanced NLP Presentation Skills
    • How to read a room and build group rapport
    • How to structure your presentation to suit all personalities
    • Learn the inside knowledge of NLP Certified Trainers
  6. Modelling
    • How to model excellence in others and then install it in yourself
    • Perform a modelling project to model experts
    • Learn the inside knowledge of NLP Certified Trainers
  7. Transforming Beliefs
    • Understand the structure of beliefs
    • Learn simple yet powerful techniques to change beliefs
  8. Personal Breakthrough Coaching
    • Learn how to take a detailed personal history
    • Learn how to do a Personal Breakthrough Session to transform the life of your clients
    • Experience for yourself a Personal Breakthrough Session – a life-changing day
  9. Mastering Time-line Coaching
    • Refine your existing Time-Line Coaching skills
    • Learn additional Time-Line Coaching techniques including healing aspects and taking a detailed personal history

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