Introduction to NLP

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right ~ Henry Ford

NLP is a set of tools that can be used to facilitate powerful, quick and long lasting change in both organisations and individuals.

It explores the way in which we organize our thinking, feelings, language and behaviour to produce the results we do. It provides a methodology to model outstanding performance achieved by leaders in their field.

This workshop is open to anyone who has an interest or curiosity in NLP, how it works and how you can apply it in a practical way in your life.

  • Learn “What is NLP?” and how you can use it for yourself and with others
  • Learn how to build instant rapport with anyone and influence behaviour
  • How to read body language to understand people better
  • How to instantly shift your mood
  • How your mind and brain works.  Neuroscience and how NLP will change how you communicate forever
  • How to find out someone’s hidden hot buttons. Why values are important and how they help you increase motivation and connect more with people
  • Understand the different ways people think.  Learn how to use these thought processes to dramatically increase your influencing skills
  • How to set a goal that’s realistic and achievable. Have you ever wondered what stops you from achieving a goal? We will uncover the reasons – limiting beliefs, negative feelings from past experiences, one part of you wants one thing and another wants another thing, not aligned with your values, etc. We will demonstrate techniques that enable you to resolve all of these issues and the step-by-step process to a compelling future.

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