Boost your sales

NLP for business has gained in popularity as a way to leverage average performances into profitable, vibrant and thriving ones.

Our NLP Sales Training courses are run by Certified NLP Trainers and offer the perfect tool kit for cultivating excellence.

The Boost Your Sales with NLP is a live training we run several times a year, that provides you with the theory, techniques, and practical exercises. It means that you will understand the processes and have the experience of doing the exercises, and take away a tool kit to give you more ways to succeed in sales.

What will I learn on The Boost Your Sales with NLP?

  • Understand the psychology of sales & how people think and behave
  • Know how to instantly switch on your “sales state”
  • Learn how to build instant rapport and trust
  • Learn how to elicit someone’s values in a product or service
  • Understand the purchasing criteria of a person
  • Understand the power of language to persuade
  • Learn what really motivates someone and signs of resistance
  • Elegantly re-frame objections and redirect the customer to consider benefits
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and barriers to success in sales

What results can I anticipate once I’ve completed The Boost Your Sales with NLP Training?

  • As an employee or as the individual you can imagine being more productive and motivated
  • Individuals with self-limiting belief patterns know how to replace unfavorable patterns with good ones, and life becomes more fulfilling and rewarding, including away from work
  • As a sales manager you will know how to coach and communicate even more effectively
  • As a Sales Manager you will “get into your muscle” how to motivate, acknowledge and observe your team as they see the results of the training through increased sales and satisfaction
  • Increased sales to customers
  • A more confident, empathetic and congruent you when in a selling environment
  • An easier life!

First Step

The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can discuss what you require and how we can facilitate you in selling and coaching for sales success.