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Douglas King

Douglas King Certified NLP Trainer and Coach. He is also a Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line TherapyTM and Hypnosis. Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, we offer NLP Practitioner Training to individuals and organisations.

Dougie first became curious about NLP in 2000 as part of an MBA Programme. As an NLP Practitioner for the past 7 years, he is a Certified NLP Coach and Trainer who is passionate about assisting individuals to overcome obstacles and achieve more in their personal and professional lives.

Dougie offers coaching sessions to clients in sports, business and for personal development. His professional coaching offers many benefits including fresh insights to personal challenges, boosted confidence, improved decision-making skills, and superior interpersonal effectiveness. Clients experience demonstrable improvement in productivity, greater satisfaction with their work – life balance, and the achievement of goals.

He has trained NLP Practitioners in Ireland, UK, USA & France.

kingNLP-Logo-blueIMG_1914Course Structure and Training

Prior to booking we discuss your needs and the particular course you are interested in, to ensure that you will get the outcomes that you intend. You may also wish to discuss practical aspects too like course materials or content, etc.

We work with small group sizes limited to 6-20 people, which means that as part of your learning experience, you get close attention, support and supervision.

The courses are structured so that with each element you learn why you might want to learn it, what it is, how to do it and how you can start to use it outside the training environment. In other words, our training provides NLP accredited courses where you receive:

  • The Theory
  • Demonstrations
  • Questions and Answers
  • Practicing the techniques sessions
  • Share in the discussion, after the experience of using the techniques
  • Explore where it might be useful to apply the knowledge beyond the training environment


Douglas as an Executive and Business Coach:

 “Timages-47his has been the most worthwhile and rewarding coaching training of my career in sales.” Derek West Senior Sales Executive U105


“Massive shift in my thinking. Overcame limiting beliefs that I had a lifetime and I have really hit the reset button.” MD Family business

“The coaching brought clarity and purpose to what I do in my work. I am more aware of how I interact with colleagues and it helped us all work towards achieving our common purpose.” Top UK High Street Retail Plc

Testimonials on Leadership and People Development.

An excellent trainer: passionate, practical, fun, infectious, eimages-47xpert, highly knowledgeable about the subject, warm, engaging personality, compassionate, values integrity, ” Adrian Bradley CEO & Founder i3 Digital 


“The best programme I have ever done. I have done many courses and once I got back to work I found that I forgot what I’d learned and was sucked into the day-to-day firefighting and prioritising. The difference with this course is that it has changed how I think, act and perform consistently, overtime. Just do it – it’ll open your eyes”

Testimonials on NLP In-house and Public Training. “Douglas’ skills teaching how NLP was able to significantly improve my performance and productivity as a team leader and also as a member of the senior management team, has been long lasting and very rewarding personally and professionally.” Top legal firm Belfast

“Inspiring attitude to both the power of NLP, and how to tap into the potential within each one of us. I really felt Dougie’s intention was to help us to experience and learn how to make the subject relevant to each of us and walk away being more resourceful for ourselves and others, which was really inspiring and it works!” 

“Professional, encouraging, knowledgeable, informative, thorough.” Third Sector organisation.

“Probably the best course I’ve ever done! I found it challenging, hard work, yet I got a real buzz. I know I earned my certification and that’s a real plus, because I know that I know what I know, and I apply it often in work and in my personal life.”

“A very measurable benefit to our performance, achieving even greater customer satisfaction levels. We are also winning new business through bringing value to our staff, clients, and shareholders.” A major business services company

Training Agreement

The training agreement is a requirement for all courses over two hours long and its purpose is to confirm your agreement that:

  • You are 18 years old or over
  • The material is only for the positive benefit for you and others
  • You are medically and psychologically fit for the course, which is not a counseling or psycho-therapeutic alternative
  • No recording of the course is permitted

Download the Training Agreement